The whale that bought the world

NOTE: All the reblogs of giveaways are MY entries to those giveaways..yes, I do believe in giveaways and hopefully one day I'll win..

This blog will promote things other tumblr users are interested in buying/selling. It doesn't matter if it's a book, a dress, a knife or a bracelet!. If you're interested in buying or selling something, you can leave me a message in my ask and I'll be glad to do it.

SUBMIT WHAT YOU'RE SELLING! =D Just go to "Submit" and make a post about what you're selling or want to buy =). Add all the info you think necessary...price, place, shipping, etc. That way you won't miss a thing =D

And don't forget to go my store

where you'll find beautiful bracelets just for a few dollars


Also, I would really
appreciate it if you
could promote this
blog so others can
buy what you are



I sell them. If you’re interested message me!

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    I need these; I use cereal box squares for a substitute and they dont last very long lol